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Want to

  • Create a compelling vision to achieve goals?
  • Break old unproductive habits?
  • Set and achieve goals by creating new beliefs?


Philosophies You Will Use in Achieving Your Goals…

  • There is a solution to every problem.
  • You already have within you all the resources you will ever need to draw out your abilities.
  • The past does not equal the present or future.
  • Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.
  • We can reprogram how we think in order to create different results; this relies on the conscious and unconscious mind.
  • The unconscious mind is considerably more powerful than the conscious mind. By employing specific techniques we activate the unconscious to work with the conscious to create change.
  • Only by managing yourself can you influence and mange others.
  • Misery is optional, so is living the life you imagine.
  • With the right tools you can consistently achieve the results you want.


How does it work?

Achievement Coaching is a process using NLP and other very specific tools to guide you in getting the results you want, and the steps to achieve those results. It’s a system of generating excellence in everything you do.

Each session (phone or in person) involves a discussion of goals, a discussion of customized weekly exercises (that enable you to transform old conditioning into new, empowering beliefs) and work on the continued process of how to reinforce those goals.

By modeling these transformative techniques and tools, change can happen fast. This is not to say that all change comes with lighting speed, but it is possible to shed years of negative conditioning in relatively short periods of time.

JenniferWebb r2Invest in empowering yourself and learn how to create the reality you want instead of being at the mercy of negative conditioning and beliefs that keep you stuck right where you are. Create a life filled with self-worth, joy, peace, integrity and the power to influence others through your successes.


In order to teach, you must first have lived it. Jennifer Webb has lived by these tools, and by using them has done the following:

  • Created a dynamic career as a journalist interviewing numerous celebrities including Muhammad Ali, Orson Welles, Coach Bear Bryant and Ted Kennedy.
  • Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro—19, 340 feet—to get over her fear of height.
  • Started a non-profit, 501©(3), the Shakespeare Animal Fund (SAF) to help elderly and disabled pay their animals’ medical bills when something catastrophic happened. SAF, named after her cocker spaniel, has given away more than $250,000 so far.
  • Moved from New York City to Reno, NV, lock, stock and cocker spaniel, knowing no one, for a life style change. Bought her first house and first car.
  • Became a personal power coach on CBS Morning News, Reno affiliate.
  • Took up bass fiddle and plans to have an all-girl Bluegrass band sometime soon.
  • Completed her master’s degree in psychology.

It’s never too late to create anything and never too soon to start!

Thoreau reminds us to live the life we imagine. What are you willing to do to create that life right now?

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