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All of Jennifer’s programs may be customized for your organization. Whether you need a speaker or workshop leader, contact Jennifer today to start creating change that brings true success for your organization.

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  • What types of groups do you work with? Are your programs more conducive to one type of audience? +

    Because Jennifer is highly focused on the topic of human potential, her material applies to a broad range and diverse audience. She is especially dynamic when working with information technology and engineering groups; however, the material can be applied to leaders and teams of sales departments, educational and government organizations and administrative groups. Jennifer’s message and topics are relevant to everyone, and as you will learn – she knows how to speak to each group in their “language” to ensure information is received in the best way possible for people to remember and use concepts right after her presentation.
  • Will you spend any time with our group in addition to your speech? +

    Yes, and in fact, Jennifer prefers to meet with the group contact(s) in advance of the scheduled presentation or aftwards. When possible, Jennifer loves the opportunity to talk with people one on one. This helps her gather additional information and understanding of the group culture and can therefore present highly effective material.
  • Do you use magic for your seminars and longer presentations as well? +

    Yes, magic is used in all of Jennifer’s programs. She customizes the content based upon what will be most effective for the topic and the group.
  • Will your speech be customized for our group? +

    All of Jennifer’s programs are customized, so much so that when she begins an engagement (except with keynotes because of limited time) by asking the audience what their challenges are, and continues to customize as she presents her material. This is one area that sets Jennifer apart; she has a vast amount of experience working with group dynamics and it is her desire that participants really have some meaningful information that they can take away and act upon that is personal to them. Jennifer hears time and again from clients that the audience thought she actually worked for the company or organization she was presenting to.
  • What kind of magic do you use, and how much do you do? +

    Jennifer uses magic for emphasis, to ensure a message really sinks in. She may cut and restore ropes while talking about cutting through limiting beliefs, burn up money to talk about taking risks to move forward, or produce an “invisible” card when talking about becoming more creative and getting outside comfort zones. Jennifer has many magic tricks ‘up her sleeve’ and typically uses three to four effects during a presentation.
  • How long are your presentations? +

    Jennifer’s keynotes range between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. Jennifer loves spending time with audiences and the more time she has, the more powerful the message. Additionally, she finds that the audience will likely start using the ideas and concepts presented immediately. Jennifer’s programs are scheduled in half days, full days and up to two days. Longer programs can be accomodated if notified in advance.
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