Motivational Programs & Keynotes

All programs can be offered in half, full or two day increments. Keynotes are 1 to 11/2 hours in length. All programs deal with human potential and within the listed classifications, cover aspects that align to the specific topic. NOTE: Signature programs can be customized to focus on any of the topics listed below.

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Jennifer's Most Popular Keynotes

How to Succeed in a Maled-Dominated Environment: Creating a Culture Where Everyone  Succeeds!

Powerful Communication Techniques for IT Experts

The Magic of Possibilities:  Revealing the Secrets Behind Mega Success

It’s Never Too Late for a Second Chance

For Women Only: Communicating Confidently and Effectively in a Man’s World

How to Keep Every Audience Mesmerized:  Dynamic Speaking Tips for Professionals

The FIDO Philosophy: How to Forget It and Drive On

Creating a Hero Culture at Work

Communicating to Influence, Engage and Empower


"I have been able to utilize some of the assertiveness techniques many times over since our meeting, and they have served me well...My boss looked at me differently (I could see the difference in his face & posture) and began to talk to me differently. When I left the performance review many of what he had previously marked as 'meets expectations' now read 'exceeds expectations' and 'far exceeds expectations'."

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“How sad people have 20/20 eyesight and no vision.”

Hellen Keller

Jennifer’s Motto:
ALL Learning Should be FUN!!!

Listen to What Others Are Saying!

Jennifer Webb's presentation at our NCA Central Texas Chapter meeting was amazing. The message was empowering and the magic incorporated into the presentation provided a great visual of how our thinking, our reality and our perception may not always be what it seems. Many of our members and guests have already asked if we can have her speak again. We all want to hear more from the talented Jennifer Webb! I personally will be purchasing her books for me and my team at LoneStars Celebrity Services!   ~ ElizaBeth Caraway

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