Remember you can’t outperform faulty thinking. In order to effectively use your knowledge, education and expertise you need to align your thinking.  Otherwise it will be a continuous struggle to create what you want if you’re sabotaging yourself on a subconscious level.

What our brain pays attention to we get and becomeAnd so often the brain has an entire fleet of neurons paying attention to something we don’t want and we’re not even aware we’re thinking about. Yet we wonder why we have worked so hard toward something that didn’t happen

Learn to overlap—imagine a thin transparent sheet with a positive image of something from your past, and overlay it onto a negative memory. You are rewiring your brain by changing how you see the past. That’s crazy, you might be thinking. And the answer, is it crazier to spend your life feeling negatively about something, or change how you think about something that will ultimately help you achieve more and feel better.

 Example: You had a bad experience in a meeting with someone who embarrassed you in front of your peers. Every time you think of that person you are flooded with anger and resentment. However you still have to go into that board room and see your peers and you want to feel confident and wired for success, not dragging around resentment. By fooling your brain into thinking the old experience was positive, you are already wired for success when you step into the room. The same mindset works for ex-spouses, bosses and anyone else who might be a constant source of resentment. You’re the one who is suffering when you hold this anger, not the person you’re focusing on. They’re not even thinking of you; they’re getting on with their lives!

Is this important? Extremely. Imagine you’re angry and haven’t forgiven someone for something a year or five years ago. Every time you think of a similar project this person was involved in you create a host of negative memories flooding your consciousness, often with powerful negative chemicals rushing into your system to create stress and tension. If you give that negative system closure you will be far more successful in creating what you want now.

It's a no-brainer. If I’m going to control my destiny and create the outcome I want I need to control how I’m thinking/feeling about everything, and this little tool helps make that happen!

By the way, when you try it and actually see/feel a different outcome, send me an email. I’d love to know how it works for you. It’s worked for countless others and can work for anyone!




The FIDO (Forget It & Drive On) Philosophy eBook


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