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Motivational Keynote Speaker – Using Magic as a Metaphor for Adjusting Beliefs

Teaching the Science and Magic of Attitude.

“Our attitudes and expectations create our realities and impact everyone around us. To get different results we must change our thinking, change our focus and live from a paradigm of appreciation.”

Empowering people with dynamic programs that continue offering worth and value long after Jennifer has finished speaking. Her goal is to engage everyone in life-long learning through powerful success tools. Her programs include:

  • The FIDO Philosophy: Forget It (and) Drive On - Lessons on letting go of anger and frustration in order to create new habits that will increase productivity, enhance relationships and decrease stress. 
  • Creating a Hero Culture at Work: The Power of Attitude, Resilience and Appreciation - Learning to develop the "powers" we already have to attract opportunities, create luck, and enhance communication skills. 
  • Power & Presence: What it Means to Lead Like a Woman - Designed to help women leverage their successes, strategically analyze what strengths they need to improve upon and increase their confidence to master any leadership role.
  • The Art & Power of Negotiating: Getting to Yes  - Negotiation is more than just knowing "moves" and "turns" or your best BATNA (Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement), It's a way of life, and what specific skill sets are imperative to smart negotiating. 
  • Creating the WOW Factor in Public Speaking: Presenting with Confidence & Pizzazz - In a highly visible world where perception matters and impressions are made within seconds, it's essential to be able to stand up in front of any size group - from 2 to 2,000 - and speak with power, persuasion, and influence. This program teaches what is absolutely necessay for success, what to always do, never do, and how to gain confidence and grab the attention of every group.

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What separates Jennifer from other keynote speakers?

Designing Success Blueprints to Maximize your Time & Success

No one has time for in-depth research when it comes to on-the-spot improvement. Instead, I synthesize information to create an easy-to-follow formula to start seeing progress immediately

Examples include…

  • How to speak with confidence and pizzazz
  • How to handle difficult people with greater success
  • How to influence and lead others
  • How to overcome setbacks that limit your career and life

When You Need...

  • A motivational speaker who entertains, interacts and shares great information
  • A consultant who empowers companies to communicate and lead with purpose and compassion
  • An educator who teaches how to improve morale, customer service, and attitude
  • A coach who offers cutting-edge presentational skills to wow any audience


" Many great motivators have led others to achieve their potential such as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Jennifer Webb.  Each is unique in their messages of inspiration and growth. Jennifer’s message on the power of attitude, appreciation and empathetic communication has helped thousands of people reach their goals and live their dreams and hundreds of corporations create a culture of empowerment, productivity, loyalty and mutual respect!” 

~ Carole Anderson, University of Nevada

"Jennifer's message is so powerful that triggered a profound desire in me, to question and change those beliefs that prevent me from being a better and more successful person."

Dr. Héctor René Díaz Sáenz, Cultura y Comunicación Organizacional EGADE Business School

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Jennifer is a member of

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Empowering companies to identify & solve communication problems. 

Inspiring people to overcome obstacles to live with purpose, positivity, and compassion.

Jennifer's Upcoming Event Highlights

September 16 - 17

Women Leading with Impact: Resilience and Strategic Risk-Taking

New York

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   September 19

Keynote address

Women Aware

Poplar Bluff, MO

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September 23

Communicating to Influence, Engage, and Empower

Nevada Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Annual Conference

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Women Leading with Impact: Resilience and Strategic Risk-Taking

October 7-8 Washington D.C 

November 4-6 Dallas

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Attitude is Everything!

Attitude is everything; the difference between success and failure and the infrastructure essential to growth and development. It's impossible to outperform faulty thinking, consequently teaching people to develop the right attitude of appreciation, respect, and possibilities is essential for any organization intent on growth and development. 

Just a Few of Jennifer's Clients

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  • Create
  • Empower
  • Learn
  • Share

Jennifer will help you create your success by showing you how to:


  • Create an attitude that turns setbacks into successes
  • Communicate with empathy and understanding
  • Engage in successful conflict resolution
  • Speak with power, poise and presence
  • Influence to reach mutual goals and peak performance
  • Empower people through DISC/Myers-Briggs & Omni-Linguistics
  • Identify and change negative, habitual beliefs to achieve anything

Empowering BIG and small teams alike to achieve success

image Working for everyone from the US Air Force and US Navy to Honeywell Space Systems, Microsoft and hundreds of other small and large companies, Jennifer offers precise, targeted training as well as her on-going customized Corporate University, designing a curriculum to accelerate your company’s goals and successes.

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Teaching People How to Own Their Own Power…in order to


  • Overcome Adversity
  • Adapt to Change
  • Reach & surpass their goals
  • Turn frustrations into “Can Do” successes

Jennifer presents learning opportunities in creative and engaging ways to propel individual and team thinking from challenges and frustration to “Can Do” and success!

5% of all proceeds go to Shakespeare Animal Fund

image Click here to learn more about Jennifer’s passion, a non-profit that helps pay emergency veterinarian bills for the elderly, the disabled, veterans, and other low income individuals whose animals are suffering and need immediate help.

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